Secret Stones…

This keeps Amber occupied for literally hours! 

The latest craze in Eastbourne is a cute activity that is amusing children and adults, Secret Stones is a treasure hunt everyone can get involved in. 

So first off you decorate your rocks, we painted ours with old nail varnish and then drew on them with sharpies. The concentration here! Other people have used crayons, acrylic paints or pasting collages onto the stones with modge podge.  

I may have had just as much fun as Amber did making these little monsters…

This ‘rainbow’ stone is Amber’s favourite, it took a little convincing to hide it, hopefully we will find out where it ends up. She’s also become a bit of an expert at writing her name, so most stones have this written somewhere. Here’s the first batch we went out with… 

Some text is popped on the back so anyone can understand the game if they’ve not come across it before and to encourage more participants. Apparently some of Eastbourne’s stones have gone from parks and the harbour and ended up in Sainsbury’s, LEGOLAND, France and Switzerland! 

Then you go for a walk and hide them, posting a pic or a post on the Facebook group with a clue or the area you’ve hidden them. 

While you’re on your walk keep your eyes out for other people’s works of art… 

I love this activity as it’s something that can be done in stages over different days, e.g. collecting stones to paint one day, painting another day, hiding stones the next day. This is also the perfect activity to get children out and about. 

We are so excited to see our stones starting to be found, I wonder where they will end up, here’s the first ones we found hidden in new locations…


Vanilla Cupcakes…

I’d been making a fancy complicated recipe and was never quite happy with it, my red velvets are always spot on, but vanilla flavour was never light and fluffy. Who’d have thought the simplest recipe was the best and also super easy to do with Amber. Trying to remember what order and what I have and haven’t put in of other recipes ends up stressing me out, this I can pretty much let Amber do it all! 

This recipe is my mum’s fail safe; 

  • 4 ounces caster sugar
  • 4 ounces butter/marg
  • 2 eggs
  • Dash of milk
  • 4 ounces self raising flour 
  • Smidge of baking powder
  • Vanilla essence 

Cream the butter and caster sugar, then add eggs, milk, flour and baking powder, lastly the vanilla essence.

This makes 12 cupcakes, bake at 170 for about 20 minutes. We then decorated with buttercrean icing; unsalted butter, dash of milk and icing sugar until it looks and tastes right, adding vanilla essence if you like.

The whisks then need licking clean… 

We decorated this batch with gorgeous rose gold sprinkles, they match my nails! 

6 weeks… 

These 6 weeks have gone by in a flash! Well Jaspers first 5 weeks did, then he gave us all the fright of our lives last Sunday when he stopped breathing and turned blue! It was the longest week, but he is on the mend now after a couple of nasty bouts of bronchiolitis and we’re all just thankful a neonatal nurse was on hand when it happened! 

Our 6 week old is now 10lb11, despite being so poorly is still gaining weight well, our little milk monster Amber loves to call him! 

Amber is loving her new role as big sister, possibly a little too much, her hugs are often a tad enthusiastic! 

I’ll have to do a separate blog post about Jasper’s clothing etc as I have some gorgeous independent and handmade bits for him. But a special mention has to go to this blanket from Hunter and Rose, it’s a double sided jersey in fabric exclusive to and designed by the company. Jasper has a romper in the marble fabric I can’t wait for him to wear… 

Everyone has been great with helping the transition to big sister, even strangers out and about make sure they ask about her baby and comment on how helpful she is, it’s too cute to see her proud little face! Making sure we still get mother daughter time is hard at times with all the feeding and lack of sleep but so needed… 

Spoiling Amber a little was needed and I love this image, these gorgeous tees are from my equally beautiful friend Hollie over at Mini Me Boutique. We’ve got a Prince t-shirt for when Jasper is bigger also, love a bit of twinning! 

Jasper was born chattering, both my children were actually, they didn’t cry they made these cute squeaky chattering noises. Amber hasn’t stopped talking since to be fair! Jasper has begun to smile a whole lot more also, this video isn’t the best but it’s the first time I managed to get it on camera, I think he was happy he was being discharged from hospital! 

I cannot believe how much Jasper has changed already, this picture was from our first walk at 3 days old, he’s so tiny compared! We sat down for a cuddle on the beach while Amber collected shells and stones, it was so much warmer 6 weeks ago too!

Baby shower…

My baby shower was the last event at my old house, so it was a tad bittersweet as it was also farewell. It was lovely to see some gorgeous friends I don’t get to see often along with family and eat scrummy food lovingly made by everyone. 

These jam jar juices were so cute, the balls were these strange but yummy bubbles for prossecco in blueberry flavour. 

This cake was amazing! My gorgeous sister is rather talented… 

The cupcakes she made also went down rather well…

Baby shower biscuits made by my mumma, decorated by my niece Amira. 

These marshmallow krispie bites and strawberries were the first to be finished.

The best part of the day was spending time with everyone that came;

My gorgeous uni girls… 

Beautiful family… 

One of my besties, Laurann… 

This was Amber’s outfit until she decided she’d much rather be Elsa! I love this bow from Little Lovelies by Jo-Anna, Amber still wears this proudly now. 

 The props were so much fun and I loved making the favours (the one thing I was allowed to help with) simple popcorn in sweet cone bags with added sprinkles, tied with a pretty ribbon or piece of lace and finished off with a ‘she’s ready to pop’ sticker. So cheap and easy but they went down well with adults and children! 

We were well and truly spoilt, and I love the fact that everyone knows I love grey a little bit too much! 

I loved the handmade bits from people, a gorgeous crocheted blanket from Ashley, a beautiful handstitched garland from Lou, as well as a pretty painted card and scrapbook from Charlotte, who you should totally go stalk as her illustrations are amazing! 

iCandy handle covers… 

The handles on my pushchair were looking pretty tired, there were tears and pulls all over. After looking around you could either replace the foam (which looks like hard work) or you can cover. Seeing as I make clothes for a living I thought I’d give it a go, they are no way perfect at all but they look better than they did before! 

Some faux leather and a needle a thread, plus a little bit of swearing when trying to sew around the bends with as little creasing as possible. 

Love the finished look of my pram now! 

Heart lollipops…

I’ve not posted in forever again, life as always, has got in the way and it’s been a tad turned upside down recently. I’m now 2 weeks off my due date and so excited to meet this little baby boy!

This was something we’ve made a few times now but I hadn’t got around to posting about despite the fact it’s super easy and it seems is one of Amber’s faves to help with. 

Little heart lollipops; all you need is candy canes, white chocolate or candy melts (I love the colour selection of candy melts but I’m also partial to a milkybar) lollipop sticks and sprinkles. 

Start by unwrapping your candy canes and lying in heart shapes, then pop your lollipop sticks in the middle. Melt your chocolate or candy melts and spoon into the middle of the hearts to bind everything together. Add sprinkles… this is where Amber likes to go crazy! 

Obviously the last step is to lick the spoon clean! 

I packaged some up using cone bags (the pink ones) cutting a small hole in the point of the cone for the stick and tying at the top of the lollipop. And some with rectangular sweet bags, tying up around the stick. 

These went down well as gifts for children at Christmas and then as end of school teacher gifts. 

Floral wall decor…

I’ve had these DKNY bedsheets forever and they’re still my faves, and when browsing Pinterest I found some gorgeous large wall flowers, they were made in felt but after a little more research I decided to go for it in paper. They’re a perfect match to these bedsheets.

My versions were a bit more organic than the neat, very structured versions I found online, I don’t do symmetry very well clearly. But I prefer them this way, each flower is different as they are in real life. 

If you fancied making these, cut a circle from cardboard and simply roll up sheets of paper, sticking down with a glue gun as you go. As you reach the centre you’ll need to cut your sheets of paper smaller, but I just had fun with these! 

Amber’s big girl bedroom…

Amber has recently moved into the larger bedroom so I could move most of her toys upstairs and so eventually she can share her bedroom with her little brother. 

Obviously her side of the bedroom is super girly with lots of pink, lace and about a million bows! 

So as you can see this bench (which still needs a seat cushion) is where the room changes to unisex with the greys, I’m looking forward to making a start on the boy side and think I’ll go for either grey and yellow or grey and red, I can’t decide which just yet! But think these biscuit cushions tie in fairly well so that the room will still flow.