A couple of my favourite designs so far…

So to start off my blog properly I thought I’d share some of my favourite designs, along with some gorgeous outfits my lovely brand reps have put together…


The ‘Zion’ peplum top is also available in leggings, I love this fabric it has a gorgeous subtle snakeskin print. Aria’s outfit is also on point as always!


The ‘Colby’ raglan top and leggings as modelled above by the gorgeous Archie. This fabric is available in numerous things as it’s such a fave of mine…


For a girlier option, one of my signature designs, the peplum leggings…


Or another signature design, a peplum top…



The variations of this design make these perfect for matching sibling outfits, how perfect are Ted and Daisy!


And funky enough for mummy too if you want to match or if you’d just prefer one for yourself! The mummy and me range will slowly expand and improve this year as there is such demand for this nowadays…


Alfie is perfect again in this striking ‘Charlie’ raglan top…


These colours in the ‘Karlee’ peplum top suit Darcie perfectly! And a favourite print of mine too 🙂

These are just a few of my favourites, it took me a while to whittle it down to just these! This year I’m concentrating on making unique clothing for your little that you cannot get on the high-street but with the highest quality. For this reason all designs and fabrics will be limited.
I hope you like what you see, let me know your thoughts and opinions…

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