Amber’s Play Area…

Amber was spoilt this Christmas, and I’m finally finished tweaking her play area… Until her birthday in March that is, ha!
Anyone that knows me knows I’m a tad fussy about her toys and would much prefer quality over quantity. I much prefer wooden, fabric, vintage or handmade. I also love supporting small handmade or British stores where ever possible. Here’s a few of Amber’s faves at the mo…


Yup the vintage My Little Pony (I much prefer the old style don't you?) is taking a bath! Amber is wearing a body by Minimeganturner, Sainsburys ballet skirt and bows by Supercute Hairbows... The Tunnocks cushion beside the dolls house by Nikki McWilliams...

This dolls house was a massive project just before Christmas, when I found it on ebay it was royal blue with paper pealing off it! But a bargain nonetheless and this will be a project that can change and evolve as Amber gets older and, hopefully, more involved in how it looks.
This was so fun to do, even if it took an all-nighter on 23rd before we went away early on Christmas Eve! Lighting, tiling and flooring was all bought from eBay and put in by me, no help from any menfolk! The wallpaper was edited pictures and photos printed out on our little home printer, a cheaper alternative to buying, most seem to be selling print-outs anyway.
I cannot wait to fill the house now, I’ve already found on pinterest a DIY sofa and poufs… any other amazing ideas?



When this Just Like Mommy Cosmetics set was opened Christmas day all other presents were temporarily forgotten about! Daddy’s makeup had to be done also, which amused us all… A fantastic company I found via instagram which sells handmade makeup that has no colour transfer but looks very realistic, we’ve already had one ‘accident’ with my Mac makeup and a cream carpet… so this is perfect and keeps Amber occupied for ages!
The bejewelled brushes are old but hardly used makeup brushes from an unfortunately closed down sister company of Lush Cosmetics, perfect for Amber to play with for now.


When Amber was around 9 months old, we went to a vintage fair where I found these Russian Dolls, they’ve been on display in her room ever since and just recently (22 months) Amber has become slightly obsessed with them, she loves to find the ‘baby’ and loves to point out all the colours and flowers.


This cake sorter from The Great Little Trading Company was another big hit Christmas day, it’s brilliant as it’s a really pretty cake stand with delicious-looking cakes, but it’s also a shape sorter with numbers! Perfect way to incorporate learning while playing, Amber’s current favourite thing is to tell me the colours of everything, these cakes are nice and colourful without being garish! We are getting there with shape names and our numbers too so constantly sorting our cakes out while pretending to eat them…



As Amber is getting so into role-play a kitchen was a must, this bargain from Kidcraft in Costco was perfect, I love the pastel colours and the simple styling. It matches perfectly with the colour-scheme we were going for and is also great storage for all those toys you’ve run out of space for!


How perfect does Amber’s play area look? Love the subtle pastel colours with hints of bright red and leopard print. The cushions are a mixture of handmade by myself, biscuit cushions by the amazing Nikki McWilliams, an Arielle cushion by I Am Ben Harman and an emoji cushion. Amber loves to sit here and pretend to read a book, or have one read to her…


2 thoughts on “Amber’s Play Area…

  1. I’ve just come across your post and find it delightful. What a lucky little girl Amber is to have a mummy who is so creative. She will probably keep her wonderful dolls house and pram (which I’ve fallen in love with) for the rest of her days. Well done mummy 🥰

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