The ‘Valentina’ lace heart tops…


My favourite piece this year has got to be my new ‘Valentina’ top, a simple long sleeved t-shirt with a gorgeous lace heart inserted in the back.
I have had some absolutely stunning images back, the one above with the gorgeous Lola and Emi wearing adorable burgandy hats is by the super talented Lookphotos Photography, I actually squealed with excitement when I received the Dropbox containing her images!



The most popular colourway so far has been the cream on cream. This image of Aria is also absolutely stunning!
Aria’s photo was taken by her lovely mumma Zoe Nicole, here’s her instagram link for more gorgeous pics and baby fashion inspo



Another popular colour (but a colour I didn’t have much fabric for) was this gorgeous dusky pink, it’s perfect with the burgandy lace or with the cream, so definitely looking at finding some more fabric this colour…


I love the fact Amber matched her room in this t-shirt!

picture of Evelyn by her lovely mumma.

Here’s the collection so far… What colours would you like to see?
I’m thinking black on black, more in dusky pink and a mint?


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