Hetal’s Hen Party…

I had the pleasure of organising my gorgeous friend and godmother to my daughters hen party and loved every minute of it! Here’s a little bit of what I did…
I went for an Indian theme as Hetal is Indian and loves elephants, I also love the lucky symbolism an elephant with his trunk up has. Henna patterns are also so so pretty.


I made goodie bags for the bride and all the hens, each with a picture of the bride and hen on the front, or in the brides her and the lucky groom to be, Eddy.
Homemade red velvet cupcakes were a must for this bride, I know her groom will have stolen a few when she got home also!


Inside were a couple of cute gifts including a lucky elephant charm bracelet, a bindi, hen badges and cute trinket pot.

There were also a few items for games in there. We each had a fake engagement ring and weren’t allowed to say the trigger word ‘Eddy’ all night, of course I lost at my own game within minutes of course! Delcina collected the most rings in the evening, she was definitely more on the ball than me!
We each had a wooden spoon and wrote a ‘recipe for love’ on it… I thought a cute momento for the evening and decor for the new couple to look back on.
A ‘date night’ jar was also filled with ideas from all the hens.


The decor was my favourite part to organise, I found this beautiful elephant in homesense that became to focal point and collected jars for months before hand and decorated them in lace, Indian fabric trimmings, ribbons and drawn on henna art, a little tealight inside each one set the mood for the table perfectly. The purple runner with lace sections finished off the decor and pulled the colour theme for the wedding into the hen party.


A pinata was filled with secret underwear gifts from each hen, so much fun to watch her try to work out which gift was from which hen!


I thought I’d finish with a little selfie… I don’t get a chance to glam up much and I love my bindi!
Pinterest was a godsend when working out what games and decor for the hen party, I wanted to organise a classy hen but fun hen with beautiful gifts Hetal would actually want to keep.

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