Wind streamers or wands…

I think the mums may have enjoyed this one more than the children, there were a lot of us influencing ribbon choices quite heavily! Amber and I went for a vintage look with some pretty lace and a gorgeous teal green she chose. 

We simply collected sticks and tied ribbons and bells around the ends of the sticks, then the children used their imaginations, Amber used hers as both a wand and a wind streamer and still loves it weeks later. 

Again I should have taken more pictures, there was a gorgeous multicoloured wand which someone had spent time wrapping the entire stick as well as adding streamers! 

Glass lanterns… 

To celebrate Eid-al-Adha we made glass lanterns, I’m gutted I didn’t get more pictures as the outcomes were really quite good but here’s Amber and my example. 

I did direct a lot here but she loved tearing the tissue up and getting glue absolutely everywhere! We then covered the tissue in glue once more to give the tissue a sheen, help it last longer and so we could add glitter, Amber’s favorite part! 

It looks so pretty when lit as you can see and Amber is always proudly getting it down to show daddy once again the pretty jar she made.