Christmas decor…

I am way too excited for Christmas, Amber understands this year and it’s already so much fun! So naturally I’ve gone a little bonkers on the decor… 

Our downstairs tree appeared over night one night from, ahem, Father Christmas. I’m not going to lie I didn’t think I could cope with too much ‘help’. Amber thought it had been left for her as she’d been a good girl and stayed in her bed (a constant headache) so her reaction was super sweet and I didn’t feel so bad doing it myself. 

I’m particularly proud of my garland, I gathered random left over decorations, fake flowers, a few bits I picked up from Wilkos as well as some cute fairy lights from pound land (!) and the outcome is so pretty! 

The only room I went for a splash of colour in was the kitchen, I already have accents of red everywhere and found some gorgeous tartan napkins, it’s normal to decorate a room around that right? 

Absolutely love my wreath too… 

Amber has a miniature tree in her room which she has entirely decorated herself. the angel was a present from a friend which she cuddled all the way home! she’s gone for a very neutral theme too (all shopped for before she knew what the big tree looked like) she fell in love with the ballerina and chose decorations that were ‘friends’ as she put it. The tree is fairly symmetrical at the moment, maybe she’s just as anal as mummy! 

All this and it’s not even December yet…

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