Floral wall decor…

I’ve had these DKNY bedsheets forever and they’re still my faves, and when browsing Pinterest I found some gorgeous large wall flowers, they were made in felt but after a little more research I decided to go for it in paper. They’re a perfect match to these bedsheets.

My versions were a bit more organic than the neat, very structured versions I found online, I don’t do symmetry very well clearly. But I prefer them this way, each flower is different as they are in real life. 

If you fancied making these, cut a circle from cardboard and simply roll up sheets of paper, sticking down with a glue gun as you go. As you reach the centre you’ll need to cut your sheets of paper smaller, but I just had fun with these! 

Amber’s big girl bedroom…

Amber has recently moved into the larger bedroom so I could move most of her toys upstairs and so eventually she can share her bedroom with her little brother. 

Obviously her side of the bedroom is super girly with lots of pink, lace and about a million bows! 

So as you can see this bench (which still needs a seat cushion) is where the room changes to unisex with the greys, I’m looking forward to making a start on the boy side and think I’ll go for either grey and yellow or grey and red, I can’t decide which just yet! But think these biscuit cushions tie in fairly well so that the room will still flow.