Heart lollipops…

I’ve not posted in forever again, life as always, has got in the way and it’s been a tad turned upside down recently. I’m now 2 weeks off my due date and so excited to meet this little baby boy!

This was something we’ve made a few times now but I hadn’t got around to posting about despite the fact it’s super easy and it seems is one of Amber’s faves to help with.

Little heart lollipops; all you need is candy canes, white chocolate or candy melts (I love the colour selection of candy melts but I’m also partial to a milkybar) lollipop sticks and sprinkles.

Start by unwrapping your candy canes and lying in heart shapes, then pop your lollipop sticks in the middle. Melt your chocolate or candy melts and spoon into the middle of the hearts to bind everything together. Add sprinkles… this is where Amber likes to go crazy!

Obviously the last step is to lick the spoon clean!

I packaged some up using cone bags (the pink ones) cutting a small hole in the point of the cone for the stick and tying at the top of the lollipop. And some with rectangular sweet bags, tying up around the stick.

These went down well as gifts for children at Christmas and then as end of school teacher gifts. They would also make perfect Valentine’s gifts!

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