Baby shower…

My baby shower was the last event at my old house, so it was a tad bittersweet as it was also farewell. It was lovely to see some gorgeous friends I don’t get to see often along with family and eat scrummy food lovingly made by everyone. 

These jam jar juices were so cute, the balls were these strange but yummy bubbles for prossecco in blueberry flavour. 

This cake was amazing! My gorgeous sister is rather talented… 

The cupcakes she made also went down rather well…

Baby shower biscuits made by my mumma, decorated by my niece Amira. 

These marshmallow krispie bites and strawberries were the first to be finished.

The best part of the day was spending time with everyone that came;

My gorgeous uni girls… 

Beautiful family… 

One of my besties, Laurann… 

This was Amber’s outfit until she decided she’d much rather be Elsa! I love this bow from Little Lovelies by Jo-Anna, Amber still wears this proudly now. 

 The props were so much fun and I loved making the favours (the one thing I was allowed to help with) simple popcorn in sweet cone bags with added sprinkles, tied with a pretty ribbon or piece of lace and finished off with a ‘she’s ready to pop’ sticker. So cheap and easy but they went down well with adults and children! 

We were well and truly spoilt, and I love the fact that everyone knows I love grey a little bit too much! 

I loved the handmade bits from people, a gorgeous crocheted blanket from Ashley, a beautiful handstitched garland from Lou, as well as a pretty painted card and scrapbook from Charlotte, who you should totally go stalk as her illustrations are amazing! 

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