Secret Stones…

This keeps Amber occupied for literally hours! 

The latest craze in Eastbourne is a cute activity that is amusing children and adults, Secret Stones is a treasure hunt everyone can get involved in. 

So first off you decorate your rocks, we painted ours with old nail varnish and then drew on them with sharpies. The concentration here! Other people have used crayons, acrylic paints or pasting collages onto the stones with modge podge.  

I may have had just as much fun as Amber did making these little monsters…

This ‘rainbow’ stone is Amber’s favourite, it took a little convincing to hide it, hopefully we will find out where it ends up. She’s also become a bit of an expert at writing her name, so most stones have this written somewhere. Here’s the first batch we went out with… 

Some text is popped on the back so anyone can understand the game if they’ve not come across it before and to encourage more participants. Apparently some of Eastbourne’s stones have gone from parks and the harbour and ended up in Sainsbury’s, LEGOLAND, France and Switzerland! 

Then you go for a walk and hide them, posting a pic or a post on the Facebook group with a clue or the area you’ve hidden them. 

While you’re on your walk keep your eyes out for other people’s works of art… 

I love this activity as it’s something that can be done in stages over different days, e.g. collecting stones to paint one day, painting another day, hiding stones the next day. This is also the perfect activity to get children out and about. 

We are so excited to see our stones starting to be found, I wonder where they will end up, here’s the first ones we found hidden in new locations…

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