DIY Advent Calendar…

This year I keep seeing beautiful calendars, my mum has bought both the Yankee candle and the Marks & Spencer calendar, they look amazing but I wanted something gorgeous for Amber, I didn’t want to just buy a chocolate calendar as my Granny has bought a lovely Christian calendar, I wanted something a little different and more personalised. 

So first off I gathered 24 little presents, mainly bits and bobs Amber needs, or things I would have bought anyway. Everything was fairly cheap, lush shower jelly and the ear warmers were probably the most expensive things I bought, a bag of chocolate coins split into 5 bulk out the gifts to make up the days. 

And a cheap but gorgeous hanger from primark, wrapping paper, ribbons, scissors and tape. There’s also another present here I forgot to include in the main pic! 

I’ve gone with a gold, rose gold and marble theme for my paper this year, absolutely love these together, totally on trend too! All the presents were individually wrapped and hung randomly on the hanger. 

Numbers were then added using some stickers from hobbycraft.

Prettiest advent calender I’ve seen for a little girl… 

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