Dolls house…

So this is still a work in progress and probably will be for quite some years, we’ll probably constantly decide on improvements or change our minds about decor or furniture. But I think that’ll give us something to work on and build together.

I bought the dolls house a couple of years ago, and I had decorated it, however I hadn’t done it very well and Amber was very young, then it also went into storage for about a year so it ended up quite trashed!

I began the upcycling by collecting wallpaper samples and left over fablon, we needed a few new lights also as some of those were broken.

We were able to save the pink floral wallpaper in this room, which was lucky as it was Amber’s favourite!

We ended up moving the pictures from the living room and popping them on the stairs at the top of the landing. And we have a list as long as my arm of things Amber would like for her dolls house, it’s funny the little details a 4 year old thinks of, the details that are most important to her. She wants more pictures for the living room, a peg to hang a towel on in the bathroom, a bathmat, a bin for the kitchen, more beds and a dressing table, a pram for her doll baby and cot, and a clothes rail and hangers for her dolls clothes (very specifically a rail not a wardrobe!)

The kitchen is probably my current favourite room, I love the green palm paper and the marble floor, plus the kitchen units we already had are so cute too!

For Christmas I made Amber some little bits of furniture, a couple of beds with covers and pillows, a sofa and coffee table and a swing chair.

These were fairly easy to make using foam sponges and left over fabric scraps, Amber has since been through my fabric stash requesting a lot more bed linen and cushions!

The coffee table was made using an dolls house light fitting that had broken from the first time I decorated the house. Simply glued onto a round ‘table top’.

I’m not sure who will have more fun doing this, her LOL dolls and shopkins look so cute with our homemade bits, I think I spent way to much time arranging it all!

On the sofa and pink bed I’ve used earring backs as the ‘feet’, a little tip I found on Pinterest. On the grey suede bed I’ve used pearl beads.

The little bedside tables were made from beads and plastic sheet with the matching wallpaper to cover, I love this rose gold animal skin texture.

The swing chair was made from wire bent to create a cage and the chain and fittings from a broken dolls house light again. I’ve just been told off for dressing this LOL doll in the wrong outfit, oops!

Next on our list is the outside of the dolls house, it needs a repaint and the roof needs completely redoing, we’re thinking glitter roofing? Then I better go through Amber’s wishlist also!