End of 2020 sewing…

This is a tad late but here’s a round up of the last few months of 2020’s sewing…

Another orange lingerie Berkley lace bra and evie la luv binky panties in a gorgeous mint green and gold lace. Another great fit, in fact slightly better again!

November saw this little cutie, Chamonix, join our family. I made her a quick jersey jumper. To be honest the fit isn’t the best, she measured at a medium on the pattern I downloaded and then it needed taking in a lot. Hense the leg holes being way too big. But it filled a hole while the weather was starting to cool down and looked cute. Though Corin wasn’t impressed I made it in leopard print!

This flocked star and lace Berkley bra and binky panties is my favourite version of this bra so far.

Amber needed some new bits and I’ve got so many fabrics left. I have also been daydreaming slightly about restarting my little business. But I want everything to be perfect before I do (if I do) eg. sizing, any techniques. I revisited my signature top with the heart back and lined it this time. I used an almost sheer powernet, you can hardly tell it’s there, but this means it looks pretty from the inside and no embroidered threads on the skin so should be comfier too.

This lace isnt stretch, so probably not ideal for the berkley bra, its a bit of an experiement, with working out part lace and part powernet. I also self drafted a one-piece cup, I wanted to show off the lace to it’s max, I didn’t want to ruin the design with seams. It’s stunning and luckily fits really well, especially since I just sort of went for it!

Two christmas gifts I made using the free pattern from Madelyn intimates, the Barrette bra. These turned out so well, I didn’t want to give the star one, I wanted to keep it for myself!