Mr & Mrs Evans

We only went and got married! One of the reasons I’ve failed to keep up with this blog (once again) is that we’ve been planning our day, as well as moving house. We don’t like to make things easy on ourselves!

Our day was perfect for us, we were so lucky that restrictions fully lifted and everyone we invited were able to join us. We kept everything fairly simple and there was a lot of DIY involved, or amazing small local businesses.

We were married in St Andrews on seaside by Father David, we’re so pleased he performed the ceremony, he is the kindest most caring man. And of course the church is stunning, for this reason we decided not to decorate it, it speaks volumes itself. I think if we’d tried to decorate it, all the money in the world wouldn’t have done it justice.

After the ceremony we went back to the Lansdowne Hotel for our reception, it’s a gorgeous building along the seafront which has had some rooms refurbished beautifully. Theresa and Florin were amazing and made sure our day ran smoothly, they couldn’t have done anymore if they tried.

Our wedding favours were very important to us, we wanted a way to include my gorgeous Grandad, we knew he wouldn’t make it and sadly he passed away the month before our wedding. He did so much for us, and meant so much to us all. His writing was beautiful, so we came up with the idea of using pebbles from the beach for place settings, that people could then take home with them. Grandad lovingly painted every single guests name, they were perfect. To go with the stones, I propagated 50plus baby plants in pots collected from charity shops and the tip shop, for children I made an activity pack on a clipboard.

Our table plan was a bit of a panic, I wanted to use mismatched frames and a mirror. Then realised I would never be able to live up to Grandads writing. My lovely bridesmaid agreed to do this for me, then I forgot bring it with me when I went to see her. So I had to do it, I was glad I did it in the end as I think he’d be proud, but I had a moment where I was beside myself he wasn’t here to do it for me!

Our bedroom in the Lansdowne was stunning, I had it the night before so that I could get ready there with my bridal party. We got some absolutely stunning photos, helped of course by my gorgeous dress by the amazing Gabrielle from Sevrona. She took my awful drawing and made me the perfect dress. The bodice is made up using fabric from my Granny’s wedding dress. My grandparents marriage was about as perfect as it can be, I hope this rubs off on us.

My shoes broke on our way back from having a couple of photos on the Western Lawns, but I had a tube of no more nails which fixed them, I just had to wear my spares for a couple of hours! I’d found them in a charity shop, so probably my fault for not checking the quality of them, but they were exactly what I wanted once I added some pearls and sparkle.

I wanted my bridesmaids to wear something they were comfortable in, they are all so so different. So I let them choose their own. For Amber we had a dress made by Gabriella at Sevrona using a skirt that matched the others and some more left over fabric from my Granny’s dress. The others all chose beautiful blush gold dresses, they looked stunning and worked together so well. Just as I had envisioned.

We ummed and ahhed about flowers for ages, I wondered about something really extravagant. But then I realised I didn’t want to take attention away from us and the other beautiful decor and grandads stones. We decided on some simple gypsophila and eucalyptus, which flowers of Eastbourne put together perfectly.

Xanthe, my sister and Maid-of-honour did everyone’s hair on the morning. Laurann my best friend of years and years not only was the queen of making sure I was ok and everything was running on time, also made our cake. It was delish and looked beautiful!

Getting ready…

Corin didn’t want to wear a traditional suit, given how hot we hoped it would be (and was) it wasn’t practical either. He chose to wear chinos with a tweed waistcoat, I found a vintage tie pin in gold (searched for months for a gold one!) He also bought pocket watches for all the groomsmen.

Little details that completed our day were bridesmaids gifts of a makeup bag made from my Granny’s wedding dress with little gold leather a stud details, so much fun to make. My ring was my Great Great Grannys, it perfectly fits under my engagement ring and is of similar age and gold.

Our wedding photos were by the super talented Christine Hayter, we’re absolutely thrilled with them!

I know I’ve missed out loads of details, so I’m sure I’ll post another blog at some point…

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