BLP Traveller Coat…

I was so lucky to be part of the Bella Loves Patterns testing team for this gorgeous Traveller coat. One of my Make Nine goals (which I’ve totally failed by the way) was to make a coatigan. But when I saw this advertised, I thought that actually I’d like something long lasting. I’d like to fulfil my goal of making a dream coat with a statement lining.

I made the coat from marshmallow coloured mouflon from Truro Fabrics (who have the most amazing range of coating fabrics) some pearl vintage buttons and leopard print lining. All the interfacing etc also came from Truro Fabrics (my local haberdashery doesn’t stock half the things needed, but Truro are so helpful, I often call and bug them!)

The pattern was amazing to put together, the instructions are so well laid out, the text and photos so clear, that even if you’ve not done any tailoring before, you could definately make yourself a coat! I felt bad that I couldn’t give anything to improve on!

The one thing I did slightly differently was bound button holes, just because I was feeling fancy and I love the way they look!

One thing I’ll have to change (because I messed up) is the lining, the leopard print fabric I bought was very cheap, I knew it before I sewed it together. But I just loved the pink and the leopard together (my dream coat) so I carried on regardless, I’ve now got a seam slippage, so I really need to find something else to replace it with. Which is a bit of a pain, I also can’t find anything similar, but in a better quality. So I’m living with it for now.

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