Vintage cord quilting upcycle…

I bought a gorgeous half sewn cushion cover from a seller at missymopfabrics vintage fair a while ago. I bought it planning to make a top from it, and I’m thrilled with how it’s turned out!
I decided to use the top part of the Tilly and the Buttons Bettine pattern, because of the grown-on sleeves. It didn’t entirely fit on the peice of fabric, so it is very hacked. There was a bit of unpicking to do as the stitching had been part sewn and I wanted it to be symmetrical with the square in the middle to be the main feature.

I understitched the neckline and blind stitched the hems, the sleeves are shorter and it’s not a dress as the pattern is, so it’s a extremely hacked Bettine! I used the pattern for the grown-on sleeves, I wanted the front to be the feature.
I think it’ll be more of a spring outfit, but I’ve worn it today with a snuggly cardi.

The fabric is just beautiful, the lady that sold it to me, bought it after the original seller hadn’t gotten round to finishing the cord quilting for a cushion cover. She intended to make it into a cushion also, but I saw a top…

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