Vintage embroidered tablecloth upcycle…

I found this vintage embroidered tablecloth in the tip shop of all places, it made me so sad that this beautiful stitching had just been thrown away! Someone will have spent hours and hours on it, it’s truly gorgeous. It’s so beautiful I wanted to wear it somehow, it wasn’t going to get much use as a tablecloth but I could see it having a completely new lease of life as a blouse.

I felt that perfect pattern for this is the Nina Lee Bakerloo Blouse (previously gifted) I had a little bit of work to make it fit, I wanted to make the most of the pattern. The top had to be cropped to fit the fabric, and because of where the darts sat it had to be made more cropped than I really wanted, otherwise the darts would have been across a huge flower and ruined the look.

So long as I wear high-waisted bottoms I think I just about got away with it! I also omitted the ruffles on the collar because there was enough going on. The collar is lined with a little silky lining fabric I had left over from Amber’s coat. The front pattern peice was made from two again to make the most of the embroidery.

The sleeves were hacked shorter and slightly slimmer, I decided against the ruffle finish here again due to the amount of fabric I had and I think it would have been too much anyway. The back is finished off with a pink vintage button. The hems are simply over locked, turned under and stitched.

All that is left to decide is what to use the last of the scraps for…

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