#MakeNine2021 Goals & January February 2021 Sewing

Lockdown number 3 has meant I’ve already done fairly well with my #makenine2021 goals. I started off with fairly modest goals as I’m getting married this year and I know I’ll be busy with making things for that, I didn’t want to feel stressed with goals I couldn’t manage. But I’ve already slightly changed one of my makes to something quite challenging, so we’ll see how the rest of the year goes…

First up, and this didn’t even make my list, but I decided after my successful Christmas presents that I needed one, was this Barrette bra. I’ve since added a wider elastic to the bottom (and not yet pictured it) I didn’t have any at home at the time and had an itch to sew this given that we’re spending so much time at home, comfies are what’s needed!

First from my #makenine2021 list was this seemingly smitten kimmy top. It was on my list last year and I just didn’t get round to sewing it. I chickened out I think, as the pattern calls for woven fabric, I pictured it in this sheer patterned jersey I’ve had in my stash for eons. But didn’t want to wreck it so didn’t make it! I’m so glad I finally went for it, it’s perfect in jersey, dare I say maybe better in jersey?! If I made again if possibly take in the sleeves a tad as they are a little loose, fine for a casual look though.

I’ve been wanting to make cloth pads for a while, and just never gotten round to making any. I finally made a couple up, with a little push from a friend. They are super pretty and weren’t too much hassle to put together either. There’s a charity making and distributing them to refugees, so that’s on my to do list, make a few for them too. I definately have enough fabrics in my stash to donate!

On my #makenine2021 list I wanted to make an embroidered black beauty bra, I’m unsure why I chose to make this as my first black beauty bra. The corded parts required a lot of hand cranking, I still broke a few needles! But it’s stunning, now I feel the need for more just like this. It’s like a fantasy bra but I can still wear daily! It was also my first time sewing cut and sew foam, it was a dream, I don’t know why I was nervous to try it!

Binky panties (Evie la luv) have been made to match all of my bras, apart from the pink one (that one was made from scraps, so not enough left) they are the best fit! So thats another tick on my #makenine2021 list. I’ve been experimenting with other techniques on them, including this rouched back and I’ve been making them as gifts too. Next goal will be to self draft some panties, I’ve been watching the Beverly johnson classes on craftsy…

Agian this wasn’t on my #makenine2021 list, but something I wanted to get done for a Christmas present last year, was this fun jacket for Jasper. He has a bomber jacket with tigers on from river island that he absolutely adores, but it’s so small now, so I thought I’d make him a new version. I bought this fabric for me really, but when it came it wasn’t what I thought it would be, perfect bomber jacket fabric though! I lined with a ponte Roma I had in my stash and used fun ribbing from truro fabrics, I’m so pleased with the outcome!

I’ve felt like experimenting this year, stretching my knowledge and learning new techniques. What else is there to do! This bra was inspired by emeralderinsews, she made a bra entirely from white fabrics with a gorgeous heart detail. I had this rainbow elastic in my stash and wanted to give it a go too. To be honest I’ll probably revisit this bra, it’s very comfy with that wide elastic band, however I’m not happy with the rainbow detail showing through on the wire line. I love the heart detail though and the pink fold over elastic to finish it off, it’s so much fun!

Next up I thought I’d make a sensible bra, in luxurious fabrics though, and another tick on my #makenine2021 list! This fabric was left over from some cushions I made for our bedroom. It’s a gorgeous green velvet, it curls under so much so I used a starch spray to sew it together. It went together like a dream! It’s so simple but absolutely stunning! I made binky panties with cut outs to match, I think both really compliment each other.

Another Barrette bra gift, it fits so well another was requested for her birthday! This was the real reason this rainbow elastic was bought, it’s perfect for this bra, all the colours are so much fun together!

I can’t remember when I sewed this top for Amber, but it’s the first time she’s put it on and let me get a picture! She was in need of jumpers and I have lots of fabrics left, so made this sweatshirt type jumper with large cuffs and waistband too. I finished it off with a cute ruffle around the neckline. She suddenly looks like a teenager!

I cut this dress out last year, but then chickened out of sewing it because I never thought I’d wear it! I’m still undecided as to whether or not I’ll wear it, maybe come the summer… I fancied something easy to sew and because this was already cut out, I went for it. I French seamed all seams which I enjoyed doing in the pretty fabric, then I finished off the neckline with fold over elastic. The hems didn’t need sewing as the fabric has this gorgeous lace edge. I made a quick slip out of some ponte and fold over elastic in my stash and I do love how pretty it all is.

The pattern for this dress came free with love sewing magazine, I’ve fancied a shirt dress for a while, so had to buy the magazine just for this! I used an old bedsheet for fabric as I love the print, but no longer use them as sheets. I was a little nervous it would be really obvious I was wearing bedding but I don’t think it looks that way, I’m so pleased with the outcome! I finished the dress off with vintage 80s buttons and a brown leather belt for contrast.

End of 2020 sewing…

This is a tad late but here’s a round up of the last few months of 2020’s sewing…

Another orange lingerie Berkley lace bra and evie la luv binky panties in a gorgeous mint green and gold lace. Another great fit, in fact slightly better again!

November saw this little cutie, Chamonix, join our family. I made her a quick jersey jumper. To be honest the fit isn’t the best, she measured at a medium on the pattern I downloaded and then it needed taking in a lot. Hense the leg holes being way too big. But it filled a hole while the weather was starting to cool down and looked cute. Though Corin wasn’t impressed I made it in leopard print!

This flocked star and lace Berkley bra and binky panties is my favourite version of this bra so far.

Amber needed some new bits and I’ve got so many fabrics left. I have also been daydreaming slightly about restarting my little business. But I want everything to be perfect before I do (if I do) eg. sizing, any techniques. I revisited my signature top with the heart back and lined it this time. I used an almost sheer powernet, you can hardly tell it’s there, but this means it looks pretty from the inside and no embroidered threads on the skin so should be comfier too.

This lace isnt stretch, so probably not ideal for the berkley bra, its a bit of an experiement, with working out part lace and part powernet. I also self drafted a one-piece cup, I wanted to show off the lace to it’s max, I didn’t want to ruin the design with seams. It’s stunning and luckily fits really well, especially since I just sort of went for it!

Two christmas gifts I made using the free pattern from Madelyn intimates, the Barrette bra. These turned out so well, I didn’t want to give the star one, I wanted to keep it for myself!

My sewing year so far…

This year I vowed to get my sewing mojo back for good, the anxiety surrounding sewing and my previous little business is immense. But sewing used to be my therapy, I was also pretty good at it and I refuse for that to be ruined any longer!

I thought I’d concentrate this year mainly on selfish sewing. Who doesn’t love sewing for themselves right?! Plus I feel there are loads of holes in my wardrobe and I have lots of left over fabric. A cheap way of updating my wardrobe…

First up; leopard print, I had this gorgeous teal fabric and the indigo dress is a perfect everyday dress. Unfortunately, it turns out the fabric wasn’t great quality and there was seam slippage at the seams and it was pulling and stretching in strange places where Jasper had sat on my lap for instance. It just wasn’t fit for purpose. But I got a few wears out of it and I discovered the indigo dress is my new favourite pattern and more recently I’ve made the dress twice again.

Here’s the next Indigo, it took me months to find the right fabric, I really wanted an animal print of some kind, and for some reason I was super fussy, I think because I’d fallen in love with the teal leopard of my first attempt!

I found this gorgeous tiger print crepe from Sewsewsewuk on Instagram, so pleased I came across them. The lady that runs it is lovely, it came with a personal note, which is always a great touch! The fabric is the perfect colours to wear with bare legs, then I’ll add tights when it gets cold enough (I hate tights, I’ll hold off for as long as poss) and it’ll look great layered with boots and a cardi too.

I went with the exposed frill seams on the skirt and sleeves again, and it has pockets! Perfect dress, I don’t see anything replacing this as my favourite for a while…

I found this fabric in my stash, I wasn’t sure about the florals and leopard print together on a dress, I didn’t know if it was going to be a bit too much. But I think it’s growing on me now it’s sewn up into another indigo dress. It’s so easy to throw on these dresses so it’s already had a lot of wear!

Next up I’d like to make an maxi or midi indigo with a few more tiers… for that I need to go fabric shopping again, I’ve used most of my larger woven peices of fabric up. Which is both sad and good!

On my list was this Freya, it was made early in the year, And is perfect for work, I love the khaki animal print, and that ruffle makes a simple dress a little special!

The Stella trousers and hoodie were such a fun make, I’m not sure I’d wear these out of the house as they are so bright! But they make me happy lounging around the house or garden. The floral fabric was one I’d had in my stash a while, the pink sweatshirt fabric I bought a remnant from a local shop. It’s the perfect match…

I had earmarked this floral fabric for a Jessica dress (by Mimi G) but I realised I hardly wore my last version and that I’d get more use out of something looser all year round. I decided to hack the peppermint peplum top into a dress. It was my favourite top through summer so it was an easy no brainer. I’m not sure how this dress will look with tights so it may be that it goes away til spring soon, but for now I’ve been wearing this with boots and a long snuggly cardi.

The bettine hasn’t happened and I’m not sure if it will, im not 100% sure if it’s ‘me’ now. I made a lovely dress last year, which gets lots of wear in summer on skinny days, but no wear the rest of the year. What I love about most things I’ve made this year is that I can layer with tights and boots when the weather gets cold, or just wear with flip flops in the summer. I’ve really been thinking about getting the most use out of things I make, not just making for the sake of it and then for it to sit in my wardrobe never to be worn! Maybe it’s the fabric I made it in last year, but I don’t feel inspired to make anything with the pattern just yet and given it’s the end of October I don’t think it’s right to make another summer dress until spring now!

I did however get the Make It Simple book (I think I’ve a bit of a Tilly obsession this year) and I’ve made a Tabitha dress from some stretch suede in my stash. I feel its my alternative to making the bettine as its a similar look, but easier to wear, and because I have so much jersey in my stash, its fulfilling one of my aims this year; to use as much of that up as possible! I love the dress and planning another but with shorter sleeves! It’s a perfect dress to throw on, my favourite kind of dress.

On of my goals was a well fitting bra and knickers, I’m so pleased I’ve succeeded! I made a few bras this year, but never quite got the right fit til the orange lingerie Berkeley bra. It’s so comfy! I wouldn’t say it is completely perfect sewing wise, I can see where I can do things a bit better, but it’s almost there!

The white lace with the baby pink is so pretty! I finished it off with a the jewels from an old pair of earrings. I’d make this centre not so wide next time and use wider elastic on the bottom band too. I love how neat and professional the insides look!

My first attempt of the devonshire bra was too big on the cups, they fit well but looked unflattering on. So I thought I’d make my first version of this bra with smaller cups. I failed to take into account that this fabric has almost no give, so it was way too small! After my success with the Berkley bra I decided to unpick the cups and redo them. I made Berkley cups for the Devonshire frame, somehow these are slightly smaller on me than my lace Berkley, but it’s wearable and super comfy again. I’m glad a rescued this bra, I love the green and pink together and was gutted when I messed up my first attempt!

This jungle fabric was on my list, I’ve had it for years and not had the guts to cut into it because it’s so beautiful! I also only had just over a metre of it and had no idea what to make with it. I decided on a slightly hacked version of the free peppermint peplum top. I took out some seams (the back seam and a seam in the straps) so I could show off the print more, the less interruptions the better, there’s so much going on! I used the burrito method (rather than bias binding) as I felt with this slippy fabric it would give a neater finish, and again you’d see more of the print. I also made it with an exposed frill, I really love the look of this top and lived in this top and either shorts or a skirt over summer. I’m still wearing this now with jeans and a cardi too.

After the success of my first peppermint peplum top, I ended up making loads more! This lemon fabric was bought from Truro fabrics for making a gift for my friend over lockdown. I decided to cheer up a couple of friends with some home-sewn presents. Laurann loves lemons and when I saw this fabric I knew I had to make her something. Because the fit of the peppermint peplum top is loose it made the perfect top to make without any fitting needed. And it made my day that I had enough fabric left over to make myself one too!

I made this pretty top (which I really wanted to keep) for my sister. This fabric was from my stash and sewed up perfectly for the top, the exposed frill sits and holds the shape so well!

I made these shorts using the free peppermint shorts pattern over lockdown too, using some linen from my stash. I lived in these shorts over summer. So I had bought more fabric to make another version, then the weather changed! So next year’s sewing list has already been started!

The sheer white jersey fabric is the only thing on my list I haven’t yet tackled, I’m unsure what to make from it yet, so any suggestions most welcome!

So all in all, I’ve done pretty well this year, with 2 months to go, I’ve one item on my make nine list to make, I’ve gotten through a chunk of my fabric stash. Though I’ve probably bought more fabric than I planned, but how could I resist?! And my confidence with sewing is returning! I’m unsure I could sew to order again just now, I attempted batch sewing some scrubs, I managed 10 but it took me forever and I felt quite panicked. At least I’m enjoying creating new bits for myself, my children and my friends for now…