DIY simplest baby mobile ever…

I’ve finally completed Jasper’s bedroom area, finishing off with a really simple mobile. He is pretty excited by it, I’m not sure it’s going to help him sleep though!

I started off with a cheap mobile base which I found on eBay and a copper ring, the kind you can make dream catchers from. I then simply tied and sewed ribbons to attach to the mobile and then again ribbons to hang downwards. I didn’t fill the ring as I like the base metal colour and I quite like the messy, untidy look.

I may need to shorten some of the ribbons as he’s able to grab, but at the moment Jasper us enjoying letting the ribbons run through his fingers.

6 weeks… 

These 6 weeks have gone by in a flash! Well Jaspers first 5 weeks did, then he gave us all the fright of our lives last Sunday when he stopped breathing and turned blue! It was the longest week, but he is on the mend now after a couple of nasty bouts of bronchiolitis and we’re all just thankful a neonatal nurse was on hand when it happened! 

Our 6 week old is now 10lb11, despite being so poorly is still gaining weight well, our little milk monster Amber loves to call him! 

Amber is loving her new role as big sister, possibly a little too much, her hugs are often a tad enthusiastic! 

I’ll have to do a separate blog post about Jasper’s clothing etc as I have some gorgeous independent and handmade bits for him. But a special mention has to go to this blanket from Hunter and Rose, it’s a double sided jersey in fabric exclusive to and designed by the company. Jasper has a romper in the marble fabric I can’t wait for him to wear… 

Everyone has been great with helping the transition to big sister, even strangers out and about make sure they ask about her baby and comment on how helpful she is, it’s too cute to see her proud little face! Making sure we still get mother daughter time is hard at times with all the feeding and lack of sleep but so needed… 

Spoiling Amber a little was needed and I love this image, these gorgeous tees are from my equally beautiful friend Hollie over at Mini Me Boutique. We’ve got a Prince t-shirt for when Jasper is bigger also, love a bit of twinning! 

Jasper was born chattering, both my children were actually, they didn’t cry they made these cute squeaky chattering noises. Amber hasn’t stopped talking since to be fair! Jasper has begun to smile a whole lot more also, this video isn’t the best but it’s the first time I managed to get it on camera, I think he was happy he was being discharged from hospital! 

I cannot believe how much Jasper has changed already, this picture was from our first walk at 3 days old, he’s so tiny compared! We sat down for a cuddle on the beach while Amber collected shells and stones, it was so much warmer 6 weeks ago too!

iCandy handle covers… 

The handles on my pushchair were looking pretty tired, there were tears and pulls all over. After looking around you could either replace the foam (which looks like hard work) or you can cover. Seeing as I make clothes for a living I thought I’d give it a go, they are no way perfect at all but they look better than they did before! 

Some faux leather and a needle a thread, plus a little bit of swearing when trying to sew around the bends with as little creasing as possible. 

Love the finished look of my pram now!