DIY simplest baby mobile ever…

I’ve finally completed Jasper’s bedroom area, finishing off with a really simple mobile. He is pretty excited by it, I’m not sure it’s going to help him sleep though!

I started off with a cheap mobile base which I found on eBay and a copper ring, the kind you can make dream catchers from. I then simply tied and sewed ribbons to attach to the mobile and then again ribbons to hang downwards. I didn’t fill the ring as I like the base metal colour and I quite like the messy, untidy look.

I may need to shorten some of the ribbons as he’s able to grab, but at the moment Jasper us enjoying letting the ribbons run through his fingers.

DIY Lace Wall-Art…


Bunting and wall-art made by myself, bed and blue monster toy Ikea, bedsheets Primark, flower fairy lights M&S, lace lampshade Next

The last weekend was spent catching up on the last of my orders, making my lovely brand reps their gorgeous Valentina Heart-back tops (blog post to come as soon as images start rolling in) and it was also spent putting the finishing touches to Amber’s bedroom… Yup I know months after we moved in! I’ll get to finishing the whole house eventually!


Bunting and wall-art by myself, poster by Charlotte Vallance, clothes rail Ikea

The wall-art is my favourite part of Amber’s room I think, but so simple to achieve! Simply pop your favourite lace or fabrics into an embroidery frame, trim the excess fabric off and voila!
I used a mixture of vintage lace and table cloths with modern net fabrics and velvet, I used the same fabrics on the bunting with a neon pink ribbon to contrast and zing, with gold bells to add a little more interest! With left over fabric I whipped up some baubles to hang beside the curtains…