Vintage embroidered tablecloth upcycle…

I found this vintage embroidered tablecloth in the tip shop of all places, it made me so sad that this beautiful stitching had just been thrown away! Someone will have spent hours and hours on it, it’s truly gorgeous. It’s so beautiful I wanted to wear it somehow, it wasn’t going to get much use as a tablecloth but I could see it having a completely new lease of life as a blouse.

I felt that perfect pattern for this is the Nina Lee Bakerloo Blouse (previously gifted) I had a little bit of work to make it fit, I wanted to make the most of the pattern. The top had to be cropped to fit the fabric, and because of where the darts sat it had to be made more cropped than I really wanted, otherwise the darts would have been across a huge flower and ruined the look.

So long as I wear high-waisted bottoms I think I just about got away with it! I also omitted the ruffles on the collar because there was enough going on. The collar is lined with a little silky lining fabric I had left over from Amber’s coat. The front pattern peice was made from two again to make the most of the embroidery.

The sleeves were hacked shorter and slightly slimmer, I decided against the ruffle finish here again due to the amount of fabric I had and I think it would have been too much anyway. The back is finished off with a pink vintage button. The hems are simply over locked, turned under and stitched.

All that is left to decide is what to use the last of the scraps for…

Vintage dolls pram upcycle…

Amber has been after a pram for her dolls, the buggy she has is flimsy and the cover keeps breaking, I also love the look of the vintage prams. I found this pram for £15 on Facebook marketplace.

It was a bit worse worse for wear and needs some tlc, the hood was faded and torn, the cover didn’t quite fit properly, the wheels dirty and battered, the paintwork also needed work.

First off I had to work out how to take it all apart, it wasn’t as simple as I thought! The rivets in the hood ended up needing drilling out with the help of a friend, as I just didn’t have the knack or the strength! The little pins which fixed the bassinet in were more simple, but as you can see, it was all showing it’s age and needed a good clean.

The cream rubber tires were taken off and given a good soak and scrub.

It was all given a good clean in preparation for spraying, you can see the rust on the bottom of the pram here, and my little helper.

I decided to use car spray paint for the pram, because of the rust, I’m also hoping this will be more durable, as I’m sure this pram will be knocked around.

I forgot to get a picture of spraying the body, but we went for white primer to help keep the rust at bay and then a fiat 500 colour so it’s a nice off-white/cream, I didn’t want it to be glaring white.

I used the old hood and cover to create the new coverings, picking it all apart and then laying out the peices. I went for a baby pink cordroy for the outside, and a gorgeous pink rose fabric for the linings. A gorgeous vintage lace I had in my stash finishes it all off beautifully. The panels were sewn together with a sewing machine and then the hood had to be sewn onto the frame by hand.

I used the chrome spray once again to paint the roses onto the side.

Instead of rivets on the hood I used nuts and bolts, and an eyelet to hook the covers over.

I think the only thing I’d do differently next time is to remember to spray the hood metal! I’m annoyed with myself that I completely forgot to do that, but it is too complicated to unstitch everything now.

I cannot wait to see Amber’s face when we give it to her for Christmas!

Jewelled Headbands and Clips…

I’ve recently been going through my old jewellery making supplies, I also found some pretty vintage brooches an earrings that weren’t complete or were a little broken.

I’ve noticed that jewelled hair peices seem to be the fashion at the moment and I wanted to create something special of my own.

These little beaded barrettes with pretty jewelled details were fun to make, first I threaded the beads on and then added something special to finish them off.

The headbands are my favourite, easy to wear and I’m so pleased with how they turned out, I think this emerald one is a stunning colour.

I’ve been making these seashell pins fo a while, I had to pop them in here, living by the sea, I couldn’t not include something related in my collection.

Pearls and sparkle, a few designs…