Garden Furniture Upcycle…

Our garden furniture was cheap, was a bit boring and the table top had gone moudly, I wanted to take this as a chance to make something unique for us.

We found a cross section of gorgeous wood we thought would be perfect, it was sanded down and then varnished with yacht varnish to make it long lasting.

We spray painted the chairs first with metal primer and then with a gorgeous pink. We also made some floral cushions from fabric found at a charity shop.

The original table top was unscrewed and the gorgeous wooden slab was popped on instead.

The pinknisnt to everyone’s taste but it’s unique and a bit of us.

Dolls House Part 2…

We’ve got a little bit further with the dolls house, with a little help from birthday presents, one bedroom is almost complete, and other rooms are getting there.

Amber wanted a dressing table with makeup and brushes, I found this Sylvanian families desk with cute perfumes. Amber also wanted a clothes rail with hangers, this pretty gold rail was also Sylvanian families, I think it was meant for a shop but it fits the bill perfectly, and the LOL clothes fit on too.

This room is the girliest room there could possibly be, rose gold glitter, marble, pink and lace. Even the LOL pet is happy chilling out on the bed in this room, who do you reckon is having more fun with this dolls house, me or Amber?!

The living room is my current favourite room, I love the cage chair and the lace rug, this cactus I found in Flying Tiger gives it a homely feel. Now we just need to find a few last bits to finish the room properly.

How cute is this pram?! Perfect size for Amber’s LOL little sisters.

This kitchen is a whole lot busier than it was the last time I pictured it, perhaps a little too busy, but the LOL dolls have just been on a good shop… I think they are also about to have a party with the amount of cake there! The shopkins fridge is too big for the room really however Amber loves it and every kitchen needs a big pink fridge.

This room is a tad more minimalist, which means it’ll be rammed full soon! But check out that rug, I’m in love, it’s made from some scrap fur fabric.

This cat has found her perfect sunbathing spot…

So much left to do still; the pink floral room is turning into a nursery, the bathroom needs finishing off, the living room needs more furniture and then the outside needs a complete makeover…

Beauty and the Beast Rose DIY… 

One of my lovely old neighbours had made this for his little girl and I was in love, such a simple idea but for a Beauty and the Beast mad Amber I’m hoping this present will go down well! 

You will need:

  • Glass dome
  • 2 fake red roses 
  • LED wired lights 
  • Super glue 
  • Drill

First off peal back the petals on one of your roses and start winding the LED lights around, work the lights through the layers of petals until you reach the final layer. Then work the lights down the stem. 

Take your other rose and peal the leaves off and using the super glue cover the lights and wires to create a green stem again. 

Drill a hole in the bottom of your base and position the rose, bend the rose to shape and glue in place.

Cover the wires with strategically placed leaves and petals, sprinkling a couple more for good measure, again glue in place. 

You could also thread the wire through the drilled hole before winding round the rose, you’d need to then make a groove on the base for the wire to run underneath so the dome sits steadily. I decided against it as I wanted petals on the base anyway. 

Voila a pretty replica… 

I cannot wait to give this to Amber, this years presents are a tad Disney mad with all the gorgeous bits I’ve nabbed in Primark. Let me know if you give this a go, I’d love to see!