The Avenir Jumpsuit…

I was so lucky to be invited to Little Miss Sew N Sew again to choose another pretty something to make. I can never decide, I become overwhelmed in fabric shops and their warehouse is amazing! So many gorgeous patterns and so many pretty fabrics.

When I first saw this jumpsuit, I thought it was more for spring wear, but actually with the right fabric and layers, it’s an amazing autumn/winter outfit too. Plus I thought it could be gorgeous dressed up! I went for a beautiful khaki printed fabric, it’s almost like an animal print, and I can’t resist an animal print! The fabric is gorgeously soft and drapey too, it is so nice to wear.

Because this make is a relatively simple sew, I could really slow down and enjoy the process, enjoy the fabric and make sure it was perfect. I added in a pretty little ribbon at the back of the jumpsuit so I know where the back is…

I think the jumpsuit looks perfect with converse trainers for casual daywear, and I can’t wait to wear it with sandals in spring too (that’s a while off I know.) It was my birthday last week, and for the first time in ages I went out with a girlfriend for cocktails and food and wore my jumpsuit. Other than silly high heels that I could hardly walk in, I felt like I was wearing pyjamas, plus I was warm! And yet I still felt glam, I wore it with my oversized Kate Spade necklace that I never have an occasion for and a faux fur jacket.

Because I adore this, and I’m definitely going to make it again, here’s some more fabric inspo for you…

This Lady McElroy Starry Night Viscose was a close contender when choosing fabric, it’s stunning and has such a nice drape and feel to it. It would make a really classy, classic jumpsuit.

This fabric is the same print as mine, but in an amber colour, which is beautiful. There’s also a blue version too.

For something lighter in colour, maybe more for spring, this Lady McElroy Africa Live would be stunning.

And because I can’t get enough of the Lady McElroy Cobra Corsage fabric, here’s a linen look viscose that I think would look stunning in this jumpsuit.

This used to be a bedsheet…

I had an old bedsheet that I ruined in our house move, it was a gorgeous high quality cotton and I felt it would just be a waste to throw because of a couple of stains. I’ve been wanting a white shirt for a while and after the success of my last Bakerloo blouse (made from a pattern and fabric from Little Miss Sew n Sew, click Here for my blog on it) I thought I’d make it again. I love my patterned version, but you have to have the right outfit on to go with it. So for the days I want something smart/casual this is perfect! It’s also great for layering, not only surprisingly warm, the statement white collar looks amazing under a cardigan or jumper.

Now I’m looking at old bedding and curtains in a new light and wondering what else I could upcycle…

Cobra Corsage Bakerloo Blouse…

Is this what sewing dreams are made of?!
Everything to make this beauty came from Little Miss Sew N Sew
I was overly excited to be asked to make something from their range, when I got to the warehouse I was like a kid in a sweet shop trying to choose what to make, I didn’t know what to do with myself. They must have been sick of me by the time I left!
I decided I must be the only person to have not made a Nina Lee Bakerloo Blouse (if you haven’t yet, you really need to) and went for this gorgeous statement Lady McElroy Cobra Corsage in blush

The fabric is just stunning, so nice to work with also. I spent a while planning out where the print would sit, I knew that would make a whole lot of difference to the look of the blouse. I was so careful to choose where the collar print would sit and what direction the butterflies and snakes sat, then in comparison to the bodice, making sure it was all balanced.

Then I had the most amount of fun picking through my vintage buttons to decide which to go for, because of all the colours in the design, I had so many options. In the end I went for the little white one, as I liked the flower design, I felt it reflected the blooms in the fabric.

The instructions with the Bakerloo Blouse are perfect, it’s a fairly simple top to put together, but has maximum impact. The collar and sleeves are stunning! I think next time I make this blouse I could make the ruffles around the corners of the collar a tad neater but that’s the perfectionist in me talking.

Trying to show in photos how stunning the sleeves and collar is, I’ve had so many compliments when wearing it!