Monowire bra…

I’ve been meaning to make this Madalynne Simplicity 8711 monowire bra for eons now. I loved the idea of the floating wire inside but I wasn’t quite so sure on all the ruffles, so when I saw Madalynne’s sporty version I knew exactly what I wanted to make.

I’ve had this gorgeous embroidered tulle in my stash for probably more than 7 years, it’s beautiful but I never knew what to do with it. I felt like the size and scale of the design needed something specific to show it off. It would have gotten lost on a bra for instance. But seeing as this monowire bra has a bralette shape outer, it’s perfect, the fabric really makes a statement.

I lined the inside with a super soft pink and decided on covering elastic with a dusky pink crushed velvet, I had the tiniest scrap left, it was the perfect size and perfect colour match, so meant to be! I also decided to bind the edges with foe elastic (as Madalynne did with her sporty version) I really like the clean lines this gives, I went with white elastics to emphasise the fun fresh sporty look.

To match the bralette I made a pair of Evie la Luve Marie panties, they’re the perfect pattern for non stretch fabrics. I lined the front in the same super soft pink, but not the back. I’ll probably make another pair (as they’re useful) but this time line them all over, I love the sheer look on the back, but the embroidery on the tulle is slightly scratchy as it’s metallic threads.

I love that this pattern shows off and gives maximum impact for this amazing embroidered tulle I’ve had in my stash forever. I feel like a peak of this would look amazing under a green high waisted trouser and blazer suit so that’s now on my wishlist to make or thrift…

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